Q: On average, how long does it take to make a cake?

A: All custom cakes take an average of 6 hours to make. This does not include the time it takes to design, prepare, and create the cake itself. The length of time ultimately depends on the design and detail you want for your unique cake.

Q: How many cakes do you do per week?

A: This depends on the orders that I receive. To give each cake the attention it deserves, I limit the number of cakes I can create each week. It can take as much time and supplies, if not more, to make a custom cake as a wedding cake.

Q: What flavors do you offer?

A: You can find my full flavor list here as well as pictures of previous cakes I’ve done for various weddings, birthdays, and special occasions.

Q: How do I go about ordering a cake?

A: Follow this form link and answer the questions the best that you can. You will receive an response within 24-28 hours.

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Cake Highlights

This cake took a total of 34 hours of labor to make. How can a cake take that long to make? Quality takes time. This is a look into what it takes to make one of my cakes.

Baking 9 layers of cake (3 layers pier tier) = 3 hours

Making buttercream and ganache = 1 hour

Leveling, filling, and icing cakes = 3 hours (1 hour per tier. That may seem like a long time, but I like them to be as close to perfect as possible)

Covering in fondant = 3 hours (same issue!)

Bottom tier — Each ruffle started as a fondant strip that I ruffled and placed individually on the cake. The majority was done is a total of 7 hours, and an additional 2 hours was done after I added the middle tier = 9 hours

Middle tier — Used a confetti texture mat as well as some sprinkles to add some additional texture. After setting the texture, I dry brushed a beautiful gold over the entire cake = 4 hours

Top tier — covered in fondant and then dry brushed with a champagne dust = 1 hour

Roses — took an entire day = 8 hours

Assembly and finishing touches = 2 hours

Not every cake takes this long to complete, because it depends on the design and detail that you are wanting. One thing is for sure, I never let my cakes lack in the small details.